EverydayMOOD | Off the Beaten Path: How to Blend Old with New for an Eclectic Space


Have you ever wondered what to do with those beloved antique pieces and objects passed down from former generations? Or the modern sofa you love but just doesn’t seem to go with the rest of your vintage finds?

Mixing antique and modern furniture helps create an individualized and multi-layered interior that reflects your unique taste and personality. So, instead of decorating with the same style (like most people), get creative and incorporate some family heritage instead.

A lot of people really struggle with how to incorporate old and new into their homes, because in most cases, the styles are very dated, pieces could be damaged, or in some cases, they are just plain ugly! At MOOD, we love these pieces. They are treasures from history, but they must be displayed in a way that freshens a space — versus looking like Grandma’s house. It’s a tricky thing to be able to master the art of combining these furniture prizes in a meaningful and creative way; but not to worry, it’s a skill that can can be learned.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get Grandma’s solid walnut sideboard or mahogany four poster bed, not to fret. You can find these items in abundance at local antique and resale shops. Flea markets are wonderful sources as well. Just be sure to bring a vehicle you can load up your newly acquired heirlooms in.

Want to get really fancy and adventurous? Develop a mindset of collecting goods on all your travels. Paris flea markets are especially exciting for treasure hunting! You don’t have to just zone in on furniture either. Seek out interesting alluring objects you can stuff into your suitcase.

As a rule of thumb, follow these simple guidelines to selecting your treasures.


Look for items that are made well. If they feel light and flimsy, chances are the construction isn’t good. Look for nicks and chips that will be easy to repair without a full restoration.


Does the piece speak to you? Did it catch your eye and remind you of something favorable? Are the lines of the piece elegant, or is there some intricate detail that intrigues you? Pay attention to how you feel with a piece. Everything matters.


Even if a piece is damaged, is there a way to easily reinforce it or replace a part that will still keep the basic integrity of the design intact? Don’t be afraid to paint wood furniture to give it a completely different look and feel. Or change old damaged metal knobs on a cabinet to gorgeous shiny crystal knobs. Reupholstery is a fabulous way to give a unique piece a new and transformed life as well. Check the foam cushions and seat structure when considering reupholstery. It could get quite pricey if the entire piece has to be rebuilt.

Get inspired

Pinterest is your friend. There are countless images of restored furniture pieces on these image-driven social media sites. Use them to get ideas and help you make decisions.

Whether you’re repurposing a family heirloom or searching off the beaten path for interesting pieces, it’s really about creating meaning, memory, and significance in your interior space. Imagine coming home to a thoughtfully curated and eclectic home that rejuvenates and inspires you.

“Don’t be afraid to mix old with new, classic with modern, rough with polished. Your home should feel like a great outfit combined of items that look and feel great, but are also meaningful, comfortable and express who you are.” — Edyta Czajkowska
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