It’s February, are you sabotaging your VISION?

2018 is in full swing. Are you wondering what you were thinking when you were dreaming about ‘best case scenario’ in 2018? February seems like a good time to reflect back to January and see where the wheels are starting to come off.

Let’s face it, serious minded career women really do it all! Juggle families, demanding jobs and chock full personal lives to boot. Living a better life than the year before requires time, money and personal growth. Not to mention dogged determination.

Where do you find the time to improve yourself, read books or browse the estimated 155 million blogs on the web?

The truth is, if you’re not a regular reader, you should be!

There is a wealth of information online and in print publication that could open your mind, heart and soul to different, exciting and more satisfying ways of doing and being to keep you on the course to your vision. Whether it be in the form of helpful resources, success stories, beautiful imagery or even virtual pep-talks that reignite your passion.


This year my intentions are set toward business growth in my firm, MOOD | Design + Build. My focus is marketing and operational strategy. The more clarity I have, the more equipped I am to achieving my desired result.

Candy Scott

‘If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you’ -Steve Jobs

There are many strategies to engage. In short, I have found these ways to be particularly useful in my own achievement

  1. Clarity is power | Dare to dream big! The more clear I am about my desired objective, the faster it will come to be. Go into the future, use your imagination, see your desired result and then exercise faith it will happen over time.

  2. Be patient | Keep in mind, this is an organic process that takes time and patience. Give yourself this gift.

  3. Know your pitfalls | We all sabotage ourselves and our visions. Identify ways you do this and work to eliminate the mistaken thinking that leads to sabotaging your hard fought efforts.

  4. Build a team | Inspire others on your journey. Engage and build relationships that are mutually satisfying. It’s one of the biggest rewards toward achievement.

  5. Grow | Grow yourself up! The average person has the emotional maturity of a teenager. Learn about yourself, it will uncover all the ways you get in your own way on your journey toward living an exceptional life.

Life is a thrilling experience. Yes, it’s challenging, scary and unknown. At the same time, without these unavoidable 'negative' qualities, we would not be able to enjoy it. Have the courage to believe in an inspiring, adventuresome and fun world. It is your playground.

Success is gently and steadily reminding yourself of what’s to come on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Let’s march into March!

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