With 17 years experience under her belt, Candy Scott comes to the table with a wealth of knowledge in both the residential and commercial arenas of interior design. As the principal lead senior designer and creative director of her team, she has a genuine desire to not only create special places reflecting the heart and soul of her clients but also to support, develop, and empower her staff to be their best. Candy graduated from Meredith college in Raleigh, NC with a Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design. Through the years, she has won multiple awards and has worked with large developers and corporate clients outfitting high rise condominium lobbies, clubrooms, and model show homes. She has also worked with small to medium size businesses as well, transforming their lobbies and offices to places employees love to work.  

In 2014, she founded MOOD | Design + Build, where she continues to work with residential clients, business owners, and development partners on their homes, offices, and commercial interiors. As a designer, Candy is most inspired and intrigued by the transformation process. Both for the people who inhabit the spaces and the physical spaces themselves. She believes bringing consciousness to our spaces greatly impacts the way we think, feel, and behave.

MOOD tip: Focus on lighting and lighting levels. It’s the jewelry of our spaces and affects MOOD more than anything else.






With a keen eye for detail, Ryan ensures all his projects are executed down to the last stroke of paint. While he loves and appreciates aspects and details of many design styles and time periods, he typically leans towards the modern aesthetic. He brings a fresh yet surprisingly warm flavor to his designs.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Ryan loves to see projects go from mere concepts to living, beautiful spaces that not only function impeccably well but positively improve the mood of their inhabitants.

MOOD tip: Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. Beautiful spaces don't always have to follow the rules. Neither do you.





Saria Recinos is a Chicago-based interior designer who takes satisfaction in her ability to breathe life into any space. With a focus on form and function, her designs not only adapt to each client’s style but also in finding resourceful ways to adhere to each client’s distinctive budget.

Saria is heavily influenced by interior architecture. Specifically, ceiling details of landmark buildings. She is also a gifted designer of custom built-ins and displays.

MOOD tip: Paint everything. It’s no surprise that paint makes a huge difference to any space.  Subtle shades have the ability to either create an ideal backdrop or a distraction.




Inspired by art as a child, Fatima graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art with her BFA in Interior Design. Her love for portraiture, precision, composition, and expression helps drive her passion for helping clients express their own individuality at home.

Her favorite interior design element is texture. She loves combining opposing textiles and metallic finishes to form a unifying balance to any space.

MOOD tip: Hang lots of mirrors in all sorts of places. They add dimension, shine, and interest to any spot… even outdoor spaces!



Mayan is a decorative artist and focuses on MOOD’s custom window coverings and upholstery division. She loves bringing new life to discarded pieces with a mix of traditional and eclectic styles.

Growing up, her parents were always rearranging, painting, and swapping seasonal items. This helped hone her design eye and feed her creativity into a career.  

Her favorite element of design revolves around furniture and fabrics. She enjoys creating and customizing unique pieces you can’t find on a typical showroom floor. In her book, done well, window dressings make a high impact fashion statement to any environment.

MOOD tip: Color, color, color! Using color livens up even the dullest space and can bring any room to life.